A Very Long and Overdue Update

It certainly has been a year for the DEAF CON team.  Life events have kept many of us busy, some to the extent of putting DEAF CON on hold.  The year had many happy, stressful, and tragic events throughout the lives of our team members.  So we do apologize for the lack of updates for the past year.  However, we have been planning and are excited for what we have in store for DEAF CON. 

Perks and Such

So last year, we had the most donations for our Interpreter Fund.  The sheer volume of donations and perk packages lead to some vendor issues and those were put on hold for the better part of the year.  There were also issues with an attempted electronic badge.  To make amends, we will be resend all Perk packages from last years drive.  The perks will feature the theme of this year's Defcon and the packages should all start shipping next month.  

For the future, we have decided to have any donation drive perks to be slated for the following year.  So this year, perks for the Interpreter donation fund will be sent out sometime next year with the theme of Defcon 26.  We greatly apologize for an inconvenience this has caused.  

New Ventures

While we have always and will continue to have the Interpreter fund,  the main goal of DEAF CON has always been to encourage deaf and HH hackers to come to Defcon.  We have decided to improve our outreach with two new ventures: The DEAF CON Scholarship and Hackerspace fund.  

The DEAF CON Scholarship fund will be a donation drive with the goal of sending a deaf or HH hacker to Defcon.  Potential attendees would submit an application to receive funds to travel and attend the con.  We are currently planning stages to decide structure of the scholarship and eligibility requirements.  We hope to have more information on this endeavor within the coming months.  

The DEAF CON Hackerspace fund is still in the very early planning stages.  This fund will raise money to eventually open a deaf and HH hackerspace.  This space would have small classes, speaker sessions, and events that would be open for anyone to attend. However, we know fundraising for such a space is quite a task.  For the short term, the Hackerspace fund would also allow our team members to hold talks or workshops at local deaf and HH meetups.  

NonProfit Status

The main work this past year has been getting our 501(c)(3) nonprofit up and running.  We have planned, filed paperwork, recruited more team members, and completed other tasks for that goal to become a reality.  We have a few more things to do; however, we are hoping to be granted official nonprofit status soon.  Becoming a nonprofit has always been a goal of DEAF CON team since our second meet up. This year, we finally had the stability and team members to start the process.  

The nonprofit will also allow us to expand to other cons.  Defcon will always be our home con and we hope to always have an event every year.  Another goal, one that was thought of after the first meetup, would be to hold DEAF CON meetups at other conferences.  We would also expand our interpreter network and eventually have more local tech interpreters heading out to these conferences.  

That ends the massive update.  We will have more details about the meetup and other ventures in a more timely manner this year.  For now, the interpreter fund is open for donations.  Our goal is to send six interpreters this year to Defcon.  Head over to the donation page for more information and to donate. Thanks in advance for your support! 


- The DEAF CON Team.