With DEF CON about two weeks away, we have been planning a lot.  Here are few updates on some things.


Perk items were ordered and most have been received.  The Merit Badge T-shirts are still being printed, so they may not be shipped in time for DEF CON.  We are very sorry, we did not know it would take this long to print the shirts.  The shirts shall be mailed out after con.  We are again sorry for the inconvenience.  

We should be mailing out perks sometime next week.  For our con pickup donors, arose4beni (@arose4beni) will be tweeting her locations on where you can pick up your items during the con.  

Meet Up and DarkNet Quest

For updates about the meetup details, please make sure to follow us @_DEAFCON_ on Twitter.  We were planning on selling some supporter t-shirts this year at con, but we are unable  to sell shirts at this time.  We will definitely look into this for next year.

We have been hard at work planning and creating the ASL DarkNet Quest.  We hope you'll enjoy going through the quest and learning something new.  Parts of the website will be down for maintenance this week to help prepare for the quest. 

More updates will forthcoming this week.  Check back for more soon! 

~The DEAF CON Team.