Trials and Tribulations


Well, so far we have raised $2,455 for our interpreters. Through the support of various communities, we have almost completely funded our second item on the list.  

However, running an event of this nature does not always go smoothly.  Unfortunately,  we can only bring five interpreters to DEF CON this year. Ideally, we wanted six so we could have an easier rotation between the team. We can still make it work with five, it will just require some creative scheduling to get everyone a break.  

On a positive note, we are a little closer to our fundraising goal.  Now we need a total of $7,850: $2,300 for flights and $4,400 for hotel fees.  Badges are still fully funded. 

Our goal is to have flights fully funded by the end of May.  We are only $1,045 away from this goal. This would devote the entire month of June to raise funds for flights.  

Thanks again for everyone's continuous support.  Our event and fundraiser wouldn't be possible without your generosity.