The Breakdown

After crunching a few more numbers this weekend, we have a new amount and the breakdown of how much we need for hotel, flights and badges.  

Flights this year will cost about $2,800 for our interpreters.  This is about twice as much as last year. Our interpreters are coming from all parts of the country, so this is expected.  But, flights this year are not the most costly expense.  Hotel fees are going to cost us about $5,400.  Due to the size of the conference floor, the team decided to have all of our interpreters stay on site.  This will allow our interpreters to be quicker to their assignments.  

The grand total would have been $8,200.  However, when going over a few things, I forgot to include badge fees in our budget.  We need $1,380 for six badges. Therefore, our goal is a grand total of $9.580.  

Our crowd-funding campaign will  begin on Wednesday.  The  donation page will be down for maintenance as we prepare to launch our fundraiser. 

Spread the word.