A More Extensive Update

I do apologize for the delay, I’ve been ill for the last two weeks.  I finally caught whatever was circulating around work.  Despite a lingering cough, I am finally feeling better.  

So, what on earth has been going on with DEAF CON? The DEAF CON team has been busy planning both the meetup and our ASL DarkNet quest.  The DarkNet quest is expanding and we have some great things planned.  More information will be released closer to Defcon 23.  

As for the meetup, we have done more community outreach this year.  We have a few deaf hackers coming out for their first Defcon and more interested in attending. These are only the hackers who have personally contacted us.

With more attendees and a bigger venue to cover, we need to expand our interpreting team.  We need to expand our team to a minimum of six interpreters.  The expansion and the new venue are raising our costs significantly. To be absolutely sure that our interpreting team can be fully covered,  we would need about $9,000.

Yes, it is over three times as much as last year.  However, raising this amount will ensure that our interpreters are reimbursed fully for their hotel and airfare.  Like last year, any extra funds will go to buying interpreter shirts, badges, and fundraising prizes in that order.  Any leftover funds will be used for next year.  

 Our fundraiser will be just like last year: a crowdfunding campaign through our website. There will be a few new additions to our tiers and prizes.

Stay tuned.