Now that I've rested for a week (sort of), I can finally reflect on DEAF CON at DC 22. 

Our interpreters made it out to Vegas and were quite busy for most of the conference.  Between interpreting the talks and various social interactions, they had a great time.  As a team, we would like to thank everyone for their continued support.  We would also like to thank many of the Goons and Defcon staff who helped us during the con.  

As for events, We also had another awesome meet up.  Many came and hung out in the Chill Out Lounge.  We met some great people and had some great conversations.  Thank you to everyone who came out to the meet up.  Also, thank you to the DarkNet Team for letting us be apart of the American Sign Language Quest.  It was a great experience and everyone enjoyed completing the quest.  We cannot wait for next year's quest.  

We do have some big changes coming to DEAF CON.  We are planning on a big community outreach campaign this coming year.  This will hopefully bring more deaf/hh hackers out to DEFCON.  With a bigger venue between Paris/Bally's, we are also going to need a bigger team.  We already have few new volunteers for next year which will help immensely with planning for a bigger venue.  Lastly, we are going to help plan a bigger ASL quest with the DarkNet team.  For now, we will leave the current quest up on our page.

We will be taking a couple weeks off from planning and regroup in September.  You should start looking for some activity on the website at the beginning of October. Again, I can't thank everyone enough for their time, effort, and support.  Our second year was a good one and we cannot wait for this coming year.

Once more, thank you everyone!