Meet up, Mailing, and Perks


Well after a busy month of June in my personal life, I can finally focus a heck of a lot more energy into DEAF CON.  It also means I can update the blog on a daily basis. Since DEFCON 22 is a little over a month away, here are a few news items I wanted to address: 

  • The fundraiser is now closed.  On behalf of our team, I want to thank everyone who donated and everyone who spread the word about the campaign.  We raised $2350 this year and can reimburse the travel expenses for each interpreter. 
  • The perks have been ordered.  I am looking to mail out perk packages in about two weeks. The Party Starter and Merit Badge packages will be mailed in about three weeks due to the production time of the bottle openers and badges.  If you have any questions, please email us at 
  • Lastly,  we are officially an unofficial event at DEFCON again.  The DEAF CON Meet Up will be on Friday, August 8 at 12:00 pm in the Chillout Lounge. We do have a few items and ideas we are still working on for the meetup.

To stay updated on all this information, look out for more blog posts and updates on our social media pages.  Thanks again for all the support!