New and Improved



So, after some deliberation from the team, we have decided to relaunch the website with some new goals and some new features. 

Ideally we would like to not only host a meetup every year at DEFCON, but eventually we want to build a network of tech-minded interpreters.  This way we can always have interpreters coming to DEFCON, even if it isn't always the same people each year (life can truly be crazy at times).  We will always be a volunteer-ran event and use any independent donations towards providing flight and hotel fees for our interpreters.  

Speaking of donations, we are going to be using other forms of fundraising to generate donations for our interpreters.  If you head over to the Donation page, you'll see a variety of ways to donate to DEAF CON.  We are now accepting donations by good old fashioned credit cards, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin.  We will also post the links to our crowd-funding campaign in the future. 

This year's current budget is an estimated total of $2700.  This number includes flight, hotel, and potential badge costs for all four interpreters.  This number is subject to change as we begin to finalize details closer to DEFCON.

So enjoy the new site and spread the word!