Happy Hacker Summer Camp!

Before our team arrives in Las Vegas, here are a few updates.  

A Humble Thank You

Thank you, everyone.  We are truly grateful for the community support each year we have the interpreter fundraiser.  We raised enough funds for all of our interpreters! You also helped us raise $2,000 over our goal!  The board has decided to store that money away for next year's fund. We would like to thank our sponsors for their donations as well: 

  • Deaf Services for Pal Alto
  • Trusted Sec
  • Snipe-IT
  • |)ruid

We will be reaching out to our sponsors about the next step in their sponsorship perks after con. We will be updating with statuses of individual perks and what not after the conference. Again, we did are truly humbled by the kindness, generosity, and support this community can show. 

Slack Channel

For all Deaf and HoH attendees who would like to utilize our interpreting services, we have a Slack channel to request an ASL Interpreter. This will us coordinate coverage during the conference.  Sign up for our Slack channel here During the day, ASL interpreting services will be from about 9:30 am to about 5:00 pm.  We'll have  a break for dinner and have two to three interpreters for night coverage from 8:00 pm until about 12:00 am.  

The Meet Up! 

Reminder that the DEAF CON Meet Up will be held on Saturday 7/29 in the Chillout Lounge on the Promenade level.  The Meet Up will begin at noon and will last about an hour.  Everyone is welcomed  join us.  Come hangout and meet some cool people! 


We created 30 supporter shirts this year to sell at con.  The shirts will be $20 cash and exact change only.  We have five shirts per size ranging from small to 4XL.  If you would like a shirt, please find Ashley (arose4beni, beni) during the conference for one.  She will be selling them during the day from about 9:30 ish (or whenever she gets to con) to about 4:30/5:00 pm.  You can probably find her in either the Lockpick, Cryptography, or Hardware Hacking Village.  


See you in Vegas! 




Flight are Funded!

 Here are a few updates today: 

Flights Funded & Meet Up

Due to your generous donations and support, we have raised $2551.00 and our interpreters can fly out to Las Vegas! Now we need $5400 for hotel fees.  So please keep donating and sharing.   The DEAF CON meet up will happen on Saturday, July 29th at 12 pm in the Chillout Cafe.  Everyone is welcomed to attend.  Come hangout with us and meet some cool people.  


If your company would like to be a sponsor of DEAF CON, please email us at d3afc0n at gmail dot com.  We currently only have two levels: Ruby and Sapphire.  Each level comes with different perks of being a sponsor.  Depending on interest and donations, we may add more levels this year.  Next year we hope to expand these levels so any company, big or small, can contribute in their own way.  

Thanks again for all of the support and donations so far! Let's get these interpreters to DEF CON! 



"Good News, Everyone!"

We have confirmation on our badge count this year.  This means we can focus on flights and hotel fees for interpreters this year.  Thank you to Defcon proper for making this happen once again. Due to everyone's support, we are over halfway to our goal of $2,500 for flight fees.  

Perk packages from last year's fundraiser should be going this coming month.  We've had a couple more delays with printing.  We really do appreciate everyone's patience with the perks.  There will be a few more updates this coming week. Tomorrow the donation page will be offline for a couple of hours in the afternoon for due to website updates.  

~The DEAF CON Team

A Very Long and Overdue Update

It certainly has been a year for the DEAF CON team.  Life events have kept many of us busy, some to the extent of putting DEAF CON on hold.  The year had many happy, stressful, and tragic events throughout the lives of our team members.  So we do apologize for the lack of updates for the past year.  However, we have been planning and are excited for what we have in store for DEAF CON. 

Perks and Such

So last year, we had the most donations for our Interpreter Fund.  The sheer volume of donations and perk packages lead to some vendor issues and those were put on hold for the better part of the year.  There were also issues with an attempted electronic badge.  To make amends, we will be resend all Perk packages from last years drive.  The perks will feature the theme of this year's Defcon and the packages should all start shipping next month.  

For the future, we have decided to have any donation drive perks to be slated for the following year.  So this year, perks for the Interpreter donation fund will be sent out sometime next year with the theme of Defcon 26.  We greatly apologize for an inconvenience this has caused.  

New Ventures

While we have always and will continue to have the Interpreter fund,  the main goal of DEAF CON has always been to encourage deaf and HH hackers to come to Defcon.  We have decided to improve our outreach with two new ventures: The DEAF CON Scholarship and Hackerspace fund.  

The DEAF CON Scholarship fund will be a donation drive with the goal of sending a deaf or HH hacker to Defcon.  Potential attendees would submit an application to receive funds to travel and attend the con.  We are currently planning stages to decide structure of the scholarship and eligibility requirements.  We hope to have more information on this endeavor within the coming months.  

The DEAF CON Hackerspace fund is still in the very early planning stages.  This fund will raise money to eventually open a deaf and HH hackerspace.  This space would have small classes, speaker sessions, and events that would be open for anyone to attend. However, we know fundraising for such a space is quite a task.  For the short term, the Hackerspace fund would also allow our team members to hold talks or workshops at local deaf and HH meetups.  

NonProfit Status

The main work this past year has been getting our 501(c)(3) nonprofit up and running.  We have planned, filed paperwork, recruited more team members, and completed other tasks for that goal to become a reality.  We have a few more things to do; however, we are hoping to be granted official nonprofit status soon.  Becoming a nonprofit has always been a goal of DEAF CON team since our second meet up. This year, we finally had the stability and team members to start the process.  

The nonprofit will also allow us to expand to other cons.  Defcon will always be our home con and we hope to always have an event every year.  Another goal, one that was thought of after the first meetup, would be to hold DEAF CON meetups at other conferences.  We would also expand our interpreter network and eventually have more local tech interpreters heading out to these conferences.  

That ends the massive update.  We will have more details about the meetup and other ventures in a more timely manner this year.  For now, the interpreter fund is open for donations.  Our goal is to send six interpreters this year to Defcon.  Head over to the donation page for more information and to donate. Thanks in advance for your support! 


- The DEAF CON Team. 


A Few Updates.

We do apologize for the lack of updates on the blog, life was very hectic for the team during the past year.  Here are a few updates for everyone. 

Unfortunately, we cannot bring out eight  interpreters like we planned.  We had a few drop due to circumstances beyond their control.  However, we are still bringing five interpreters to Defcon.  The goal now is $6700; thus,  we only need $2400 to reach our goal.  Due to funding and other ordering issues, there unfortunately will not be a Defcon pickup for perks this year.  We greatly apologize for the inconvenience.  If you have any questions, please email us at d3afc0n at gmail dot com. 

The badges this year for the merit badge perk will be delayed.  We greatly apologize again for the inconvenience. We will send out an email to all Merit badge holders with more information this week.  The meetup is still going on as planned.  We should be able to announce to where and when the meetup will be soon.

We want to graciously thank everyone for their support.  Whether you donated or spread the word about DEAF CON, the continue effort is humbling and continues to amaze us each year.  Thanks again!

The DEAF CON team                                                                                 



With DEF CON about two weeks away, we have been planning a lot.  Here are few updates on some things.


Perk items were ordered and most have been received.  The Merit Badge T-shirts are still being printed, so they may not be shipped in time for DEF CON.  We are very sorry, we did not know it would take this long to print the shirts.  The shirts shall be mailed out after con.  We are again sorry for the inconvenience.  

We should be mailing out perks sometime next week.  For our con pickup donors, arose4beni (@arose4beni) will be tweeting her locations on where you can pick up your items during the con.  

Meet Up and DarkNet Quest

For updates about the meetup details, please make sure to follow us @_DEAFCON_ on Twitter.  We were planning on selling some supporter t-shirts this year at con, but we are unable  to sell shirts at this time.  We will definitely look into this for next year.

We have been hard at work planning and creating the ASL DarkNet Quest.  We hope you'll enjoy going through the quest and learning something new.  Parts of the website will be down for maintenance this week to help prepare for the quest. 

More updates will forthcoming this week.  Check back for more soon! 

~The DEAF CON Team. 


We made it! We reached our goal of $6,700 The grand total for this year's fundraiser is $6,800!

This would not have been made possible  without the continued support from everyone.  We genuinely appreciate every donation we received this year. We are also extremely thankful to everyone who shared Our interpreters can get to Las Vegas with no problem this year!  Even with the increase in costs this year, we are still able to bring an interpreting team for a third year in a row! 

Perk item packages should be ordered this week.  For those who got the Merit badge perk, please expect an email this weekend about your perk package.  

Currently, we are working on our quest for this year's DarkNet Project.  We are very excited for what we have in store for your this year. Also, we will be posting details about the meet up. 

Thanks again for everyone's generosity,  we are once again truly humbled to be apart of such a great community. 


~The DEAF CON Team  


Flights Funded!

We have some good news to share. Our event, the DEAF CON Meetup, has been officially approved!  More details about the meetup will probably be released closer to August. This means we do not need to worry about badge fees! 

Funds now will  be put towards both flight and hotel fees; meaning flights are already funded!  Our next  goal is to have the hotel fees funded by the end of June.  We have $4,245 more to raise.  Thanks again to all of our supporters. Also, thank you to the DEF CON Contest and Event staff!

Keep donating and spreading the word! 


Trials and Tribulations


Well, so far we have raised $2,455 for our interpreters. Through the support of various communities, we have almost completely funded our second item on the list.  

However, running an event of this nature does not always go smoothly.  Unfortunately,  we can only bring five interpreters to DEF CON this year. Ideally, we wanted six so we could have an easier rotation between the team. We can still make it work with five, it will just require some creative scheduling to get everyone a break.  

On a positive note, we are a little closer to our fundraising goal.  Now we need a total of $7,850: $2,300 for flights and $4,400 for hotel fees.  Badges are still fully funded. 

Our goal is to have flights fully funded by the end of May.  We are only $1,045 away from this goal. This would devote the entire month of June to raise funds for flights.  

Thanks again for everyone's continuous support.  Our event and fundraiser wouldn't be possible without your generosity.



After one week...

...We have a total of $1,650!  This means that badges are funded for our interpreters!  Now,  we are only $2,530 away from funding the flight fees and the halfway point of our fundraiser. 

We want to thank everyone for the donations so far.  You have helped us off to a great start and we can't thank you enough.  We also want to thank everyone who has spread the word through social media  Even one retweet or like helps us get closer to our goal.  

Eventually, we will be adding an option to donate via PayPal.  There are a few things we have to sort out first before we can add this option.  This way, everyone can get a chance to help and get some great perks.  Besides being awesome, the perks can be quite helpful. 

Thanks again!